Keynote Speakers

Alisa Camplin

ISSA’s First Ever Australian Keynote Address: Alisa Camplin 

Winter Olympic Gold Medallist and Business Success Story. Creating Success in Sport, Business and in Life – Hard Work, Planning and Preparation

Alisa has won two Olympic Medals, a World Championship Title, two back-to-back World Cup Grand Prix Championships and 19 World Cup Podium finishes, all while maintaining a successful international business career with IBM. Alisa has an in-depth understanding of sales, delivery and organisational goal setting. She set the strategy and directed transformations for an $800M global service business and led $200M+ businesses to year-onyear growth in mature or declining markets. Learn how you can apply the same gold-medal approach to your personal career and manage your organisation to record success. Alisa will tell it like it is – from one Aussie to another – with advice applicable to the front-liness of cleaning organisations, selling in the field, or balancing boardroom solutions.

Mike Clark

The Best Business Advice Keynote Address: Mike Clark ThinkRight, Business Strategist and Success Coach

Be the Person who Makes the Difference in your Service Delivery

It doesn’t matter if you manufacture and sell products, provide cleaning services or monitor safety measures, you’ll get your money’s worth fro this dynamic keynote address.

Do you want your employees to be targeted, engaged, accountable, motivated and above all, successful? Mike will help you understand not just how to do a SWOT analysis for your organization but also a “So What?” Analysis that will help you gain valuable insights, so you and your team can make more informed decisions and achieve your organizational goals.

Business professionals of all ages and roles relate well to Mike’s underlying message of resilience and action, responding positively to his recommendations and learning from experience that moves them forward refocused, more effective and smarter.